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Master Your Skills and Power Your Future With Online Trading Academy

The Online Trading Academy has made a mark on the international trading world, of which there can be no doubt. Founded over 25 years ago, the Online Trading Academy has become a mainstay in the world of financial education and trading acumen. Built on the innovative CliK learning platform and powered by Stratos, traders of all experience levels are able to engage with the world of financial markets while fostering a sense of growth in a self-paced environment.

Now more than ever, individuals are looking to take control of their future by engaging with and entering the financial markets. Thanks to their prolonged efforts over the past two decades, Online Trading Academy was honored by the team at the International Business Awards with a pair of Stevie Awards.

Awarding Excellence in Innovation

The International Business Awards are one of eight different groups that have helped to confer Stevie Awards to businesses making major changes within their industries. Alongside 3,700 other nominations, Online Trading Academy stood out with its efforts on digital training platforms for CliK and Stratos. These efforts were particularly compelling against the backdrop of the international pandemic.

As a result of its efforts in innovation, the Online Trading Academy secured a Gold Stevie Award in Learning Capacity-Building Solutions and a Silver Stevie Award in the field of Emerging Technology. Both of these awards were presented during the 19th Annual International Business Awards.

The Online Trading Academy believes in the power of aptitude and application meeting in the practice field. Stratos gives students the ability to train and engage with today’s technology while honing their investing skills in a competitive and professional online environment. OTA believes that training and trading are skills that must be practiced to master and there are few better ways to practice than through the guidance of a professional team of educators.

Eyal Marmareli is the Chief Technology Officer at Online Trading Academy. MArmareli stated of the innovations and awards the company has earned, “OTA loves to be blazing a new trail. Facing an immediate need to shift from offering in-person classes to a remote learning model, we needed to quickly pivot to a solution that would prove more effective distance teaching capabilities.”

The goal of the Online Trading Academy is to empower students to make better choices by learning in an integrated system where their choices have an actual impact. Stratos empowers students to master their skills by making mistakes, improving upon said mistakes, and practicing until they are ready to move onto major markets.

Eyal Marmareli went on to say, “Stratos empowers our instructors and students with multiple levels of smart, remote learning controls and helps students develop the confidence to learn, analyze, and execute trades in the financial markets.”

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