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How you can Structure Your Programming Code

I recall my first fumble with fundamental on my small ZX Spectrum computer during the 1980s, ploughing through pages of fundamental instructions and example code with no real concept of the way i could write programs myself. It had been like studying a dictionary where I possibly could learn certain words as well as their meanings with limited information about how I possibly could construct them into entire sentences to create a document. Every programmer that has dabbled in fundamental has most likely encounter the famous “Hello Word” routine featuring its a 2-line program that prints this phrase limitless occasions on screen.

Your rule must be written as step-by-step instructions while using instructions that the selection of programming language understands. This means studying your programming manual to understand which instructions you should utilize for what you would like your program to complete. Within the “Hello World” example you’d first require a command that prints “Hello World” to the screen, and you would want another command to print it again multiple occasions, without writing multiple print statements.

Read this example. To create things simple I’m using old-school fundamental with line figures – most likely because I am a retro-freak.

10 print “Hello World”

20 goto 10

The very best structure for writing any rule is to really make it obvious and simple to follow. Some programmers put multiple instructions on a single line that make your code hard to follow if you’re attempting to iron out bugs. Distributing your code over multiple lines really helps make the program are more effective and gets to be more readable.

Another suggested practice would be to separate each a part of your rule using REM Statements. REM (short for Remark) enables you to definitely put comments before each portion of code to help remind you what each part does. This is particularly helpful if you want to edit your code later on.

10 rem Setup Variables

20 let A=1: let B=2

30 rem *******

40 rem Print Variables to Screen

50 rem *******

60 print A,B

Anything following the REM command is overlooked through the computer and you may use as numerous REM statements as you would like to create bigger gaps inside your code for simple studying. Other programming languages permit you to use blank lines or indent the very first type of the routine.

Now I will highlight how you can structure the whole rule. Keep in mind that the pc must follow step-by-step instructions so you have to write each instruction within the order you would like it to run.


Setup screen resolution and variables: The very first portion of your program would set the screen resolution and also the variables.

Read information into arrays: For those who have information you need to put in a wide range while using DIM command then use a For/Next loop and also the READ command. It is advisable to put the data statements for that array to see from in the finish of the program.

Setup primary screen: This is actually the section where you would employ a subroutine (GOSUB Command) to setup the primary screen. Inside a shoot-em-up type game you’d possess a routine that pulls the sprites and game screen after which returns to another type of the code it originated from.

Primary Program Loop: When the program is ready to go the primary program loop jumps to numerous routines using subroutines after which returns to another line informed.

Program Routines: It’s good structure to put all of the programming routines following the primary loop. You’d have separate routines that update the screen, look for joystick input, look for collision recognition and so forth. After each check you come back towards the primary loop.

Data Statements: Finally try listing all of the data statements in the finish from the program that makes it simpler to locate and proper if necessary.


Creating your code with lots of REM Statements and short lines makes your code look cleaner and simpler to follow along with. There might be a period you need to enhance the program or make use of a routine for an additional program.

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